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Bible Expedition


Faith Outfitters' Bible Expedition is a parent-child event, designed to get kids excited about digging into God's word! This is one of Faith Outfitters' day trips, programs that educate and celebrate as families reach various milestones in their children's faith journeys. Our Bible Expedition was created as a fun way to equip students to read the Bible that Resurrection provides for them in in grades 3 - 4. Following a pizza meal, students and parents participate in several activity stations created to help students learn ways to read the new Bible they will get to choose at the end of the expedition. Our hope is that both students and parents grow in appreciation of the treasure we are given through God's word. The next expedition will be November 3, at 5 pm. Registration has closed. Please contact Sarah directly with questions.


The Bible Expedition is the second in a series of events, designed to support parents as they keep the baptismal promise to place the holy scriptures in their children's hands. A SPARK Bible event, for families of preschool and kindergarten-age children, is offered in the spring. Bible Expedition II is offered late winter and offers explorers an opportunity to learn more about finding wisdom and direction in God's word. E-mail Sarah Storvick with questions.


Pictured are students with new Bibles at a past Bible Expedition and Dads Who Rap, encouraging the students to be Kids In The Word.

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