August 18, 2017


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Guided Hands Puppet Ministry


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Guided Hands Puppet Ministry is a creative, fun, and unique team performing monthly during Sunday School, at Resurrection's annual Variety Show, and in various community settings.  The team has visited churches, shelters, and nursing homes.  One guest, when invited to a seat closer to the stage, responded that she wasn't sure how long she would stay.  After the program, she enthused, "That was absolutely fantastic!  I'm glad I got to experience the whole show."


Interested in bringing God's word to life through music and drama? Consider puppeteering! Youth entering 5th-12th grades, and any interested adults, are welcome!  An August puppet camp, August 21-24, offers new puppeteers training in technique, opportunity to practice, team-building activities and puppet-making fun. Please contact Micki Fredin  to learn more about this ministry or to register (below) for puppet camp.