September 22, 2018


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Stewardship 2018

God Calls

We human beings have the amazing and troubling ability to develop routine and structure in our lives. It’s amazing because if helps us be efficient and helps us to navigate our world in ways that produce certainty. It’s troubling because our routines can begin to wash out the wonderful vibrancy of life. Like blinders, routines can prevent us from seeing new possibilities that can lead us to a more vibrant life. God gives to us the opportunity to reboot, rethink our interactions with the world around us and challenges us to live a more vibrant life through generosity. 

During worship Sunday, November 12th and November 19th we will explore generosity and what it looks like where ever we live, learn, work and play.  We will also explore what that looks like where we worship and how Vibrant Life, through generosity, moves through the community of Resurrection into the world.  Let us call one another to Vibrant Life.

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